Leier : Yoshitake Miyata

ライアー奏者 : 宮田美岳


Hi!! My name is Yoshitake Miyata


I was born in 1972 at Tokyo,Japan.
And I have been lived in Yakushima island(World Heritage Site) since 2017

I'm Lyre player.Until that time I was bassist, but since 2008 I have been playing Lyre.

I play in various styles...popular music,improvisation,healing music,meditation music...

Thank You



"Ethereal Message from YAKUSHIMA"


I created the sound source of Lyre's tone and Yakushima's natural sound.

It would be nice if you could feel some kind of deep message from Lyre's sound and the natural sound of Yakushima that resonates beyond your body. 



It is being delivered on these site


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Skogr Norn


"Skogr Norn" is a collaboration with his wife Junko.


It is a work that added Lyre's improvisation to the photograph of the brilliance of the earth taken by Junko, and uploads it on Instagram every day.




Skogr Norn Instagram